Homestead Eggs

Coloring and Decorating Tips

Egg coloring and decorating can be raw, blown or hard-cooked. Hrad-cooked eggsare easier to handle by small children because they are not as fragile as raw or blown eggs. any eggs you wish to keep can be coated with spray lacquer or acrylic sealer.

To color and ecorate eggs, all you need are eggs, a little imagination and some simple craft or kitchen supplies.

Tongs are handy tool to use for dipping raw or hard-cooked eggs in and out of watter. An easy way yto color a brown egg is to thread a thin piece of wire through a hole made at both ends of the egg. Bend the wire at one end so the egg won’t slip off. This makes a handy tool for dipping the egg in the dye and hanging to dry. A wire rack is also useful for drying eggs.

Tip: If colored hard-cooked eggs are to be eaten, be sure to use only non-toxic coloring dyes on the shells (e.g. food coloring) and do not leave the eggs unrefrigerated for more than two hours.

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Homestead Eggs
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