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Goatagiano - Gordons Goat Cheese
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    Introducing Gordons Goat Cheese, made from the freshest goat's milk sourced from the small family-run farm in Wroxeter, Ontario. Gordon, Bethany Edger and their son Jeremy Edgar raise and care for their goats. 


    Fed with mineral, whey, and NON-GMO CROPS grown on their family farm to ensure high-quality and healthy standards. 


    Producing their cheese in small batches ensures that each piece is crafted with care and an amazingly fresh taste and is naturally homogenized, making it easy to digest. Plus, goat milk has a digestible A2 protein and is naturally homogenized, making it perfect for those with lactose intolerance.

    Goatagiano - Gordons Goat Cheese

    0.21 Grams
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